Chapter XXVII - Contractions And Signs

  • 1. An alphabetical arrangement.

" Italian ditto--The same as above. Degrees. ' Primes, Minutes, Test. " Seconds, Inches. Thus, 7 20' 10" in circular measure, or 7' 20" 10''' in duodecimal long measure. I1 One and one-fourth. I2 One and one-half. I3 One and three-fourths. + Latin plus, more--Addition. - Latin minus, less--Subtraction. X By, or into. Multiplication. Also area, as 20 X 5, read 20 by 5, means 20 long and 5 wide. Divided by--Division. The : above is also a sign of division as used in ratio, thus, 4:7; and the alone is a sign of division as used in writing fractions, thus, 4/7. = Equals. The double ::, as used in proportion, is also a sign of equality, thus, 4:7::12:21. % Per centum. By the hundred. Rate of interest. P Per, by or through. $ Dollars; said to be a contraction of U. S. for United States money. # Means Number, if before a figure, as #90, but pounds if written after, as 90#. @ Latin ad., meaning to or at. A1. First Class, the best. A. or Ans. Answer. Acc., Acct. or a/c, Account. Adv. Latin ad valorem, according to value. Admr. Administrator. Admx. Administratrix. Adv. or Ad., Advertisement. Agt. Agent. Amt. Amount. a/o At sight or Account Sales. Ass'd. Assorted. Asst. Assistant. Bal. Balance. B.B. Bill Book. Bbl. Barrel or Barrels. Bdls. Bundles. B/E Bill of Exchange. Bgs. Bags. Bk. Bank; Book. Bkts. Baskets. B/L Bill of Lading. Blk. Black. Bls. Bales. Bot. Bought. B.P. Bills Payable. B.Rec. Bills Receivable. Bro't. Brought. Bu. Bushel or Bushels. Bx. Box or Boxes. Cash. Cashier. C.B. Cash Book. Chgs. Changes. Chts. Chests. C.H. Court House; Custom House. C.F.S. Carriage and Insurance Free. Cks. Casks or Checks. Clk. Clerk. Co. Company; County. C.O.D. Cash, or Collect, on Delivery. Col. Collection. Com. Commission. Const. Consignment. Cor. Sec. Corresponding Secretary. Cr. Credit; Creditor. C.S.B. Commission Sales Book. Ct. or c. Cent, Latin Centime, a hundred. Cts. Cents. Cwt. A hundred weight. D. B. Day Book. D/d. Days after date. Dept. Department; Depment Dft. Draft; Defendant. Disct. Discount. Div. Dividend, Division; Divide, Divisor. Do. The same. Doz. Dozen. Dr. Debtor; Doctor. D/s or d.s. Days after sight. ea. Each. E.E. Errors excepted; Ells English. E.g. Latin Exempli gratia. For example. Encl. Enclosed. E.&O.E. Errors and omissions excepted. et. al. Latin et Alii, And others. Exch. Exchequer; Exchange. Ex'x. Executrix. Exp. Export; Exporter; Expense. Fahr. Fahrenheit. Fav. Favor. Fir. Firkin. Fo. or Fol., Folio. F.O.B. Free on Board. Fo'd. Forward. fr. From. Frt. Freight. Gal. Gallon; Gallons. Gr. Grain, Grains. Guar. Guarantee. Hdk'f. Handkerchief. Hf. chts. Half Chests. Hhd. Hogshead. Hon. Honorable. Hund. Hundred. I.B. Invoice Book. i.e. Latin id est. That is. Incor. Incorporated. Ins. Insurance. inst. Instant, the present month. Int. Interest. In trans. Latin, In transito. In the passage. Inv. Invoice. Inv. Inventory. Jr. Junior. Kg. Keg. L or lb. Latin Libra, A pound in weight. L/C Letter of Credit. Led. Ledger. L.F. Ledger Folio. L.S. Left Side, or in Latin, Locus Sigilli, Place of the Seal. M. One thousand. Manuf. Manufacture; Manufacturer. Mdse. Merchandise. Mem. Memorandum. Messrs. French Messieurs, Gentlemen, Sirs. Mf'd. Manufactured. Mfst. Manifest. Mme. Madame, French. Mmes. Mesdames, plural. Mo. Month. Mol. Molasses. Mr. Master or Mister. Mrs. Mistress, usually pronounced "Missis." Mtg. Mortgage. N.A. North America. Nav. Navigation. N.B. Latin Nota bene. Note well, or Take Notice. No. or # Number. N.P. Notary Public. O.B. Order Book. O.K. All Correct. Oz. Ounce or ounces. P. Page; pint; pile; part. Payt. Payment. Pcs. Pieces. Pd. Paid. Per an, or p. a., Latin per annum. By the year. % Per cent. By the hundred. Pk. Peck. Pkg. Package. P.& L. Profit and Loss. P.O.D. Pay on Delivery. P.O.O. Post Office Order. Pp. Pages. Pr. or per. By. Prem. Premium. Prox. Latin Proximo menve. Next month. P.S. Post Script. Pub. Publisher; Public. Pwt. Pennyweight. Qr. Quire; Quarter, 28 lbs. Qt. Quart; Quantity. Rec'd. Received. Ret'd. Returned. R. R. Railroad. Ry. Railway. S.B. Sales Book. Sch. Schooner. Shipt. Shipment. S.O. Seller's Option, a stock phrase. Sig. Signature. S.S. Steamship. St. Saint; Street; Sight. St. Dft. Sight Draft. Stor. Storage. Str. Steamer. Sunds. Sundries. Supt. Superintendent. T.B. Time Book. Treas. Treasurer. Ult. Latin, Last Month. U.S.A. United States of America. United States Army. U.S.M. United States Mail. U.S.N. United States Navy. Ves. Vessel. Via. By way of. Latin. V.-Pres. Vice-President. Viz. Contraction from Latin videlicet. Namely, to wit. Vol. Volume. Vs. Latin versus. Against. W.B. Way Bill. Wt. Weight. X Extra. XX Doubly Extra. Y. or Yr. Year. Yd. Yard.

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